Cherry Blossom Stationery Box


The Scriptorium's very first themed stationery box is a once-off, limited edition box that includes 20+ stationery items -- this includes (but isn't limited to!) washi tapes, pens, paperclips, and stickers!  Some of the items are best sellers from the store, but most are items exclusive to the box ♡


The price INCLUDES shipping.  Sales are open until 25 May 2020 (or until the boxes sell out) and the boxes will be shipped off shortly after.  


DON'T FORGET:  The code EARLYBIRD50 is set up to allow the first 12 orders to be R499 instead of R549 (free shipping included)  Pop it into the promo code box on the Checkout Page (if it works you're one of the first 12 purchases, if not the code's already been used up). 


Please note that this is NOT a subscription box.  Also, there is a limit of one box per person/order and no code other than the EARLYBIRD50 (this includes returning customer codes or rep codes) can be applied to this box. 

Cherry Blossom Stationery Box